About us

Elevating Aviation Safety and Knowledge

Welcome to DEADSTICK , a new community looking to connect pilots through the power of storytelling. Over the course of my career, I’ve held flight instructor certificates (All) for over 15 years, managed two large flight academies, taught Collegiate Aviation Meteorology, obtained a pilot weather briefing certificate, and interacted with the industry from almost every angle.

Our Mission

Sharing Wisdom, Enhancing Safety

We want to create a positive, educational, and open atmosphere for pilots to learn. What does that mean? It means taking a look at the current industry, identifying areas of improvement, and talking openly and honestly about them. It also means seeking out new and different ways to teach the same subjects, identifying useful resources to pilots (and explaining how to use them!), and creating a supportive community.

Our Vission

Uniting Pilots, Elevating Safety

For too long, close calls in aviation have been taboo to talk about. Have you ever scared yourself in an airplane? Have you ever had a flight that turned into a DeadStick landing? Have you ever thought, “Man… I got lucky. I wonder how many others know about this?” Then this is the place for you. We want to capture these stories, remove the identifying details, and post it for others to learn.